A 3 part series of long distance events. The CDA Marathon on May 29, 2016 (26.2 Mile Run), the CDA Crossing on August 14, 2016 (2.4 Mile Swim) and the Coeur d’Fondo Gran Fondo on September 24, 2016 (108 Mile Bike).

Completing this series will take a combination of long distance endurance and the ability to stay in long distance race form. All who complete this series will earn the coveted recognition of a CDA IRON SERIES Finisher, enjoy a Dinner Banquet where you will receive your Oversized MedalFinisher Certificate and get featured in the Coeur d'Alene Press.

All proceeds to support local nonprofits: North Idaho Centennial Trail Foundation, CDA Area Swim Team (CAST), Union Gospel Mission, North Idaho College Booster Club.

Take advantage of EARLY BIRD Special $199 (plus Eventbrite Fee) = $200.11. Expires 12/31/2015. 








2015 CDA IRON SERIES Finishers:

Bassler, Thomas
Black, Shelly
Botkins, Ryan
Boyd, Lindsey
Brooks, Michaelyn
Chapman, Darrel
Cleary, Brian
Croft, John
DeRuwe, Robin
Dixon, Keith
Dohrman, Chris
Douglas, Tammy
Dreckman, Nick
Drennon, Aaron
Forster, Michael
Garwick, Stephen
Gersdorf, Alyssa
Gessele, Tricia
Hanson, Jeffrey
Hiebert, Caleb
Hood, Penelope
Iverson, Ivan
Korver, Tiffany
Livoni, Donn
Lloyd, Brad
Ludwig, Kristin
Markowski, Natalie
Martin, Beth
Matthews, Elaina
Mattison, Matthew
McKenna, Corey
Moran, Theresa
Narolski, Laura
Parks, Danielle
Parks, Tony
Preciado, Monica
Pruitt, Michelle
Root, Jake
Shirley, Karen
Tessendorf, Tom
Walker, Karin
Besenti, Jenn (Honorary)

2014 CDA IRON SERIES Finishers:

Bassler, Thomas
Brosenne, Craig
Cleary, Brian
Hiebert, Caleb
Iverson, Ivan
Petticolas, Tayler
Rozier, Steve
Tessendorf, Thomas
Tran, Ben